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Saturdays were usually 'fun days' for Jake, a lot of the time he'd spend them with his friends drinking at their current club of choice, today was quite different as all his friends were too busy to keep him company and he was left alone to watch a movie then perhaps go to bed early. He was not really in the mood to party anyway, his group's weekly routine was beginning to lose its luster, he wasn't expecting the phone to ring.


'Hi, how's it going man ?'

'Sorry, who's this ?'

'Jenny... J e n n i f e r, last week at the Hit Club ?'

'Oh ! Sorry, I didn't recognize you without the 2000 watt subwoofers, how's it going ?'

'Nothing happening really, I'm bored and there's no where to go'

'I was just about to watch a movie..'

'Which one ?'

'Gone with the Wind, no just kidding, As Good As It Gets, it's about a guy with obsessive compulsive disorder who falls in love, it got 7 oscars the other..'

'Can I come watch it with you ?'

'Sure, why not, lets say in half an hour ?'

'Ok I'll see you then, bye'

'bye' Jake put the phone on the hook. When he thought about it he wasn't really too happy about her coming over, he met Jenny while he was clubbing last week and he recognized her as the type of opportunist party girls who are so easy to find on the club scene, if she wanted to see him it was probably because she wanted something. A friendship with that type of girl was not really something he wanted as he saw more trouble in it than it was worth. There were a lot of girls like her on the club scene, some of them prettier and others with worse habits. It was not worth becoming paranoid over so he decided to watch the news until she showed up.


'Hi' he answered the door.

'Hey there', she moved in giving him a peck before going on to the living room.

Jake was glad that she was not overdressed as he would have looked foolish in his grey shorts and jumper which he had even failed to add shoes to. She was in her casual blue jeans, sneakers and tank top. Jake's second glance at her gave him the impression that she was more skinny than he had thought a week ago. He guessed she was not that slim by exercising rather she probably did not eat anything all day. She gave that bony bare impression devoid of energy and so at ease with herself and her body. 'How's it going ?'

'You know, a boring weekend'

'What happened to your friends ?'

'They had an even more boring weekend, they decided not to go out today'

'Yeah I know, same here' and he gave her a mocking knowing look that failed to make her laugh. 'I'm going to get a drink, vodka orange, would you like one ?'

'Sure whatever you're having'


'Hum, this vodka's pretty good, what kind is it ?'

'It's mandarin, the orange is pretty heavily tasted, good for liqueur I think'. Jack Nicholson was on screen swearing at a dog which he was dumping down a garbage shute. Jenny found that quite funny bringing her to the edge of laughter, Jake liked the way she laughed, it was extremely restricted and spontaneous, unusually frequent by that type of restriction as if she hated and enjoyed it at the same time.

At the end of the movie, after four vodkas they were quite enjoying each others' company. 'That was definitely a good movie', I like movies that concentrate more on the relationship between people rather than just shooting and killing everything in sight.

'yeah I think tv violence is so boring'. She felt uncomfortable with the end of the movie and the toll of the silence showed, 'Do you have another Nicholson movie ?' She put her hands behind her head and stretched herself backwards on the sofa.

'I have something more fun than a movie, how would you like ... dope !'

'Really !' She was quite excited at the thought as that was the last thing she expected.

'Let's find something we can use', Jake led her through the corridor to his bedroom. He took out a box and showed her his cannabis collection.

'Do you have white widow ?'

Jake wasn't surprised by her familiarity with drugs, being in a clubbing culture guaranteed experience with recreational substances and he could tell she was a cannabis user. He was also enthralled by her zest for his collection of recreational drugs. He gave her what she needed to roll a blunt and sat on the bed watching eagerly as she expertly manufactured a 'joint'. Finally she sat next to him and lit up.

She inhaled once, twice and again before the heavy toll on her showed and she fell back on the bed exhilierated by its effect, she put her hand out to give the joint to jake but he said 'no it's ok you keep it'. He moved off the bed and switched off the lights, another switch he threw switched on a flickering strobe light which brought gleefull giggles from Jenny, his final touch was to turn on his stereo loaded with a House Trance track. He went back to the bed and lay across it looking at her. She inhaled again.

He took the barely used 'joint' out of her hand and carefully placed it in the ashtray. Briefly, he lay across the bed again before deciding to come closer to her and put his hand on her knavel, she cringed at first but Jake's disappointment was offset when she started playing with his hand.

He gently ran his hand up and down her knavel letting his warmth settle on her, when she moved her hands away to the side of her head he expanded the reach of both his hands to her sides and went up to her armpits then back down to the front of her thighs down to her knees. She gave off a heavy sigh and started opening and closing her limp legs so wanting more. Jake took her signal of approval by posing on his knees between her legs and worked on unfastening the buttons of her jeans. He held on to them from beneath her and when she lifted her legs undressed her, pausing to take off her shoes and finally pulling away the legs of her baggy jeans and throwing them to the side. She was wearing very simple black underwear and jake couldn't help but get an erection over her pleasing half naked body.

He put his hands beneath her buttocks and nibbled on the insides of her thighs, he noticed the absence of pubic hair, something which managed to turn him on even more.

Jenny was becoming impatient so she interrupted Jake's work and took off her underwear in an effort to hurry things along, jake helped her, pulled her legs above his shoulder and moved in directly to her opening, sucking and releasing in his efforts. Jenny let off a moan to show her approval and Jake put his two fingers below her belly button circling, gently at first but then by increasing intensity. He stopped suddenly and moved up jenny his hidden erection against her naked opening, he played with her lower lip his hands on her breasts only to her disapproval of his tease. She cried out dis-satisfied for him to stop playing with her needlessly. He moved back down laughing, she put her foot against his chest in a knuckle which he grabbed and bit on the side.

'Stop that... I want to fuck' she moaned needingly.

That didn't really surprise Jake, he had built a violent enviroment of drugs, light and sound but he was enjoying the moment and wanted it to last. Jake flipped jenny over so now she was lying face down her knees on the floor. He was extremely turned on by her behind, she had obviously shaved her genital pubic hair which left her looking exposed and lusty. He put his hands on her ass and simulated an opening and closing motion, she banged on the bed with her fist yelling 'stop it !!'.

Jake giggling, put down his shorts exposing his erection and maneuvered into her only to her delight. Her opening was quite small and he enjoyed the pleasant tight sensation. Jenny started rocking back and fro moaning very loudly, their lack of foreplay had left her dry but she appeared to enjoy the roughness of it all. To her added thrill Jake grasped at her back with what he could show of his fingernails. She was moaning and yelping something to the tune of 'yeah, more, fuck !!'. He held her steady from her behind and went into her as far as he could, holding it there for a few seconds, then quickly moved his hand below her knavel, beneath his erection and slowly pulled out of her something which brought her to an approving gasp of pleasure. He kept his fingers there while he went into a a rocking motion something which drove her totally crazy. A short while later he could feel her contractions so he accelerated his rocking and pressed deeper with his fingers. Jenny could not handle all the excitement but she wanted more, while screaming in ecstacy she reached back to her behind and pulled herself appart something which jake could not control bearing leading him to release. He kept up his rocking sensation until jenny let out her final gasp for air.

They disconnected from each other, Jenny sat on her side her hands between her her legs and moaned that she felt sore...

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